Thursday, April 17, 2008

Self Portrait

Dad got a new all-in-one printer/scanner today. I decided to show Ty how the scanner worked and he drew a picture.

He explained to me this was a self-portrait wearing a wizard hat with tall grass and big waves . It was also a sunny day.

He signed it, Dad dated it. How cool is that? He was also blown away that we got this on the screen so fast.


Mommy Bits said...

Wow. What a great picture. I love it when the boys draw things for me. You have to love their imaginations.

NukeDad said...

Hey Ty's Dad! Fellow Texan greetings to you from NC. Left the Lone Star state about 6 years ago, but I wear my Longhorns hat proudly in Tarheel land. Cool blog!

Nukie Howser
Blog Hoppin

Dannie said...

Awesome picture! Great imagination. Nothing like having your art hung on the wall of the world - huh? :)