Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Day two of the Disney march... and we arrive at Animal Kingdom. Once inside the gates we headed straight to Africa for the safari tour. I explained to Ty that this "ride" had real animals unlike the previous day's adventure on the jungle cruise. This can be a little confusing to a four year old about real versus fake since I want him to think everything he sees is real.

The strategy of going to the safari first was not only to avoid the long lines later, but I explained that Orlando in June is quite like the climate in Africa and that as the day gets hotter, the animals go hide in the shade. So in order to see those rhinos, elephants and zebras up and about, we needed to go in the morning. My theory was correct and it ended up raining hard in the afternoon also so it would have been a total washout and he wouldn't have gotten to see all that we did.

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