Sunday, February 08, 2009

ABC = Always Be Coloring

It is an unwritten rule that all casual dining establishments that we frequent must supply crayons. Ty is also not content with the designs they put on the paper because he has "done these too many times". So he prefers to flip the paper over and freehand something.

His latest thing is making a drawing for whichever cute girl might be taking care of our table. Usually it is some sort of tree house where they both hang out. A massive flirt my son is already at age five.


Daddy's Toolbox said...

that great! I'm teaching my 4 yr son to use both sides of the paper when coloring. We've just got him to use scrap paper that we bring home from work...

also, teaching our boys to be "ladies" men is great! haha!! Lo always makes the young girls at our Wawa (gas/convenience store) smile at him! it's cute.

(F)redddy said...

We have to always make sure we have a box of crayons in the never fails, our casual places are always out. 'Cept for Chuy's, they seem to have a never ending supply!