Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mario Kart

After a round of miniature golf, Ty wanted more action. They had some mini go carts also at this play area so after much begging by Ty (it's fun to make it difficult for them sometimes), I agreed to let him have a go around the track. Ty has been in the cars before, but never alone. We had a quick lesson beforehand where I showed him how to press on the gas and then he was off.

In the beginning the coordination of pressing on the gas and steering at the same time was not happening. It was one or the other. Eventually he got in the groove and by the third or fourth lap he was going around the track smoothly and passing the other kids. He also got excited when cutting off other kids and sending them into the bumper walls. So I guess he's ready for video games, but not the real road.

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Craig said...

Just think someday he will be begging for the real car keys.