Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jeep Safari

Aruba is not a very big island. It is easy to see the whole place in one day and that's what we decided to do. We signed up for a Jeep Safari which sounded like the best way to catch all the highlights. We had an awesome tour guide who just loved Ty and joked with him the whole day.

We saw the California Lighthouse, an old gold refinery and drove along the rocky shores facing the windward side of the island. The jeeps were open and the roads were rough. By the end of the day we were covered in dirt and most of us very wiggly from the rough roads (or lack of roads) we navigated. Here's the first post from that day showing Ty and the jeeps.

For some other more scenic Aruba shots from this day and others, check out my flickr set here.

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