Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School

This blog serves as a chronicle of Ty's adventures, but is not always in chronological order. I thought it was important to insert a photo and story tonight about Ty's first days of school this week.

We were a little nervous about the transition from the small protected environment of the Montessori school, to the big reality world of public school. But Ty seems to be handling it extremely well. He is in one of ten kindergarten classrooms (yes you heard that right, and this is our neighborhood school!) His teacher is super nice and she knows a bit of his history and how advanced he may be compared to the other kids.

To underscore this point, Ty commented about his first day like this: "The other kids don't seem to pay attention much to the teacher." Bingo. Our kid is smart and observant and will do just fine.

We took a few pictures in our driveway before we left. Here is a great one of Ty and Mom.

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