Friday, September 25, 2009

Trivia Winners

Earlier this week Dad's coworkers had a gathering at a local restaurant for some team bonding and sports trivia. I brought Ty along because he was with me that night and my boss said it was OK.

We joined a group of seven others playing the sports trivia on the computer gaming network that shows in a lot of bars. Ty manned the controls while I fed him the answers that I knew (or guesses).

After the first round we were tied for fourth place but each round saw us climb higher in the rankings. Finally during the last round, we answered a few key questions for lots of points and vaulted to victory.

One of my coworkers snapped these shots of us playing and the eventual screen showing Ty as the victor. At the end I turned to all of them and said "Are you smarter than a Kindergartner? Looks like you are not!"

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