Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Super Party

We had a great crowd on hand for our annual Super Bowl party this past Sunday. Ty and I hosted twenty six (that's right 2-6) people at our house. Ty was super excited not about the game, but that one of his favorite classmates Jenna was coming over. In fact Jenna's Mom brought this amazing cake to the party (homemade, not from a store) featuring the end-zones with the teams and little bears decorated with the team colors. It was delicious.

The kids mostly stayed in Ty's room and watched alternate programming (Wall-E) while the grownups watched the game. But everyone enjoyed burgers and dogs cooked on the grill even though the weather was too cold to sit outside on the patio. Overall another successful bash.

But next year the Big Game comes to Texas and we hope to be in the stadium instead of watching it at home. Stay tuned to see if that works out.

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