Sunday, June 27, 2010

Captain Ty

We took a day trip down to Charleston on Father's Day to visit with Ty's grandfather who just happened to be working there now. During our visit we went to the aquarium and took a sailboat out into the harbor for a cruise.

After helping raise the sails, our veteran of the high seas took the wheel to steer the schooner. In this photo however he is facing towards the stern of the boat. The helpful crew provided him with a saddle to sit up and see over the deck to steer the correct way. Ty did a great job keeping us away from a looming thunderstorm.

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Socks1993 said...

I just randomly found your blog and your sons so cute and seems like a really good kid :)

Reading your blog also inspired me to write about my childhood seeing as I turned 16 last November (being 16 in the UK basically means your an adult lol) and just suddenly decided to go over my childhood memories and find photos etc of what it was like.

So thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you soon