Monday, October 25, 2010

Farewell Tooth Number Eight

He was wiggling it during the baseball game. He was wiggling it during dinner. He was convinced it would come out tonight. Dad was across the house when he heard the shout, "My tooth just came out!"

Now the hole on his left side of his mouth is even bigger. Another treasured baby tooth, which has traveled many miles with Ty, is now waiting for the tooth fairy to magically convert it into some $$. And on that topic something very interesting was said by this amazing seven year old. 

He said, "Dad. I want to give the quarters that the tooth fairy leaves me tonight to the Coins for Coats program at school. Because if a kid in Alaska didn't have a coat he could die." Yes Ty, that could be true and a wonderfully unselfish gesture as well. The coins are actually being used for coats locally in Round Rock, but nonetheless he is choosing to use his own money for something like this. Awesome.

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Eric said...

Outstanding gesture.