Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Alaskan Adventure - Part One: Seattle

It almost began with a terrible start. A year in the planning and constant discussions in the weeks leading up to our departure. But when traveling by air, anything can happen.

Dad was determined to get us to the ship, so when the crisis of no flights to Dallas hit us on departure day, we improvised. We drove to Dallas and caught a direct flight to Seattle, ensuring we would make it to the boat the next day. 

And something memorable came of that airport ordeal in Austin as well. We spent over an hour in line next to a very cool young actor known throughout the world as the star of The Lord of The Rings. Here is a picture above of Elijah Wood and Ty, as well as a few other shots below from the morning in Seattle before we got on board our cruise ship.

The excitement and emotion was almost too much to contain as we finally arrived at the pier and saw The Disney Wonder, our home for the next seven days.

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