Sunday, December 23, 2007

37th Street Lights - Keep Austin Weird

It's an Austin tradition. I am sure there are other famous streets in other cities around the country, but apparently the folks on 37th Street have built up a great reputation. It is not just having the most lights or covering every tree, it is all about uniqueness. This year we spotted a giant dinosaur, a tree made of old bicycles, and even a collection of Jack Daniels bottles cleverly hung across the front walk.

In one picture Ty stands on an Austin Monopoly board (see other photos I found) that covers the sidewalk with the names of local neighborhoods and funny anecdotes. And if you look behind him it looks like a giant lite-brite board with a clever version of "Noel". In the other photo, Ty bends down to inspect some of the rubber duckies lining the posts of one yard.

We may not get snow in Central Texas, and that may be the reason our town can be so creative during the holidays. Best wishes from Ty and myself to you and your families this season.

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