Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Question about Toy Story

OK. I know the Pixar movie Toy Story is not a new one so my comments to follow may be ones that countless others noticed before, but I didn't feel like searching the web on this trivial matter.

Last night while we driving home from a friend's housewarming party, Ty was in the backseat watching the DVD of Toy Story. He has probably watched this movie 20 times and I have listened to the audio only of it almost that many times. During the first few scenes when Buzz Lightyear joins the other toys in Andy's room he is convinced he is the real Buzz (which is pretty much the plot line of the movie). Well if he thinks he is real, how is that he knows when Andy or any other real person comes close he has to freeze and become inanimate? I figured only the toys understood that. Or perhaps it is just programmed into him and he doesn't realize it?

You may be thinking that what does it matter because it is a fictional cartoon anyway and why should they follow common sense or logic? It never really bothered me the first 20 times I watched it, but somehow my mind wandered and just felt that it was "illogical". Your comments or links to this discussion elsewhere on the web are welcome. I will now resume your regularly schedule broadcast with more cute pictures of Ty.

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