Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Agony of Defeat

Sure G-Pop looks all nice and snugly in our last post with Ty. But put him in the competition arena and the gloves are off. There is a kid's club at the hotel with an awesome game room full of Playstations, X-boxes, and even a Wii (funny story on that in a moment), but we are still into the "analog" world of pool tables, foosball and air hockey. Never mind that Ty's reach is not very far across the table, he is great at timing and hitting the puck back. So when a goal gets scored against him, it only amps up his energy.

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Oh and about that Wii... G-Pop hasn't played any of these modern video games. I think he last played with us as kids on our Atari 2600 (yeah baby! bring back those giant pixels). We walked into a room with a giant screen TV and a Wii was hooked up with the golf game. In a matter of a few "strokes" he already had the hang of it and was knocking in pars and a few birdies. He is a low handicap golfer in real life, but to see how he took to this new technology made me realize why this system is so popular. Seems we have a birthday present all picked out for him now.

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