Saturday, March 07, 2009

Go Fly a Kite

Last weekend we attended the Zilker Kite Festival. An annual event that helps Keep Austin Weird and is really just a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day and we arrived in the late afternoon. Our plan was to get there earlier, but the transportation system they had going was sloooow to say the least. No parking at the park meant several thousand people taking buses across the city. Personally I am thinking after years of doing this, the city would have the routine going smoothly, but alas no.

While there we watched the kites and tried not to get tangled in everyone's strings, or get bumped by people running backwards. We took in a puppet show and also Ty spent some time jumping around in a few inflatable bounce houses. Both of us were exhausted on the drive home, and Ty fell asleep in his car seat. Next year we will plan the trek a little better.

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