Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Home On the Range

Cue the music... bumba deeda, bumba deeda, bumba deeda ... Happy Trails to You...

We rose early one morning and drove out to the Camp Richardson stables for a trail ride up one of the hills in some beautiful back country along Lake Tahoe. Ty was a bit nervous as he had only ridden ponies led along by grownups at birthday parties. This involved him being in control of his own horse, Marvin (short for Starvin' Marvin because he always stops to eat along the trail). We had a blast and Ty was quickly a master (guess that's the Texas in his blood). At the end of the hour he climbed down and immediately asked if the next time we do this we go on a longer ride. Guess we should book that already for next year.

The top shot features Ty taken from Dad's horse following behind him. The bottom picture is Ty with our guide who was extremely friendly and chatted it up with Ty almost the whole hour.

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