Monday, September 20, 2010

Nine Thousand Feet

We stay at the base of Heavenly Ski Resort and every day, just like last year, Ty asks, "When can we take the gondola to the top?"

Today was that day as once again we had a perfect cloudless sky and almost infinite view of the surrounding mountains and the lake from the viewing platform at 9000 feet above sea level. Ty enjoyed the quiet ride first as we climbed from the lake up the steep slope watching the gondola cars glide by going the opposite direction. He passed the time by reading aloud the numbers on each car as Dad snapped lots of photos.

After the viewing platform we continued up to adventure peak where we spent over an hour exploring the trails and Ty climbed around in a giant inflatable spider web obstacle course. Even though this was our second time up to the top, it was still tons of fun and something we will likely repeat each year.

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