Monday, September 17, 2007

Dino Days

Only in America. Remember when Pee Wee is headed cross country in his "Big Adventure" and one of the stops is at this roadside park/motel that has a giant dinosaur? Well that was in California, but here in Texas we have something similar, however you need a GPS to find this place. Head South from Austin towards Bastrop on Highway 71 and hidden in the trees behind a trailer park is The Dinosaur Park!

Looking for something new and interesting for a Saturday, Ty and I drove down there to check it out. They had a little museum and gift shop and then a trail with about a dozen dinosaurs hidden among the trees. It was pretty cool and Ty had fun on the scavenger hunt they include while you are walking around. It was their 2nd anniversary party so they had some cookies for the kids and a real live giant tortoise was roaming around the grounds.


creative-type dad said...

How cool!

Were there any braves kids (or adults ) that jumped into the T-Rex's mouth...?

Ty's Dad said...

Well not that I saw. But Ty was a little nervous standing so close to those teeth. Thanks for the visit.