Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello fans of Ty and random blog wanderers. Dad here with just a quick update on some changes to the site. Longtime readers will notice a new look with a custom banner and some layout changes. Hope you like it because I think it makes things much easier to read.

I have also added some "blog flair" as it is known across the web. I have been out surfing myself and come across many other Dad's like myself who spend hours typing and uploading pictures of their kids. I have shared some links to a few that I have come across that I find funny or interesting. We all have a lot in common. I discovered some of these folks on some of the blogging portals including mybloglog, technorati, wink and facebook. I have placed my own links back to a few of those sites now too for anyone to cross-reference me.

For my family members who are not as technically savvy as others, rest assured that too much personal information is not being shared into cyberspace. As always comments are welcome and enjoy the photos and stories.

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