Sunday, January 13, 2008

Green Finger

I got this little piece of "swag" from some technology event. It is a small brush that collapses inside a tube for cleaning your keyboard. Ty likes to use it to polish his toys and clean other various things around the house (thanks Montessori!).

While I was working on my computer, Ty came over and showed me how he had stuck his finger up inside the brush and created a large green finger. It provided lots of giggles and also gave me a flashback moment. My Dad used to tell very creative bedtime stories when I was little. One of them was called "Bubble Finger". I can't remember any of his adventures, but the name sticks with me. Perhaps my Dad (G-Pop) can write in a comment here and share one of those old adventures? Who knows, maybe there is a Hollywood screenplay waiting to happen!

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