Friday, January 18, 2008

Mystery Shopper?

A funny little story from today I'd like to share:

I went to the post office this morning to mail a letter. Amazingly it was very quiet in there and I went right up to the counter. The friendly postal clerk asked me about 6 questions while we were getting my postage (would you like to buy any stamps? do you need delivery confirmation? etc...) To all of which I politely replied "no thank you". Then he stated he had to ask all of those everytime just in case I was a "mystery shopper" because he said I looked like one.

Looked like a mystery shopper? I had on a sweater with a light jacket over that. Maybe because I look so serious all the time? (people tell me that). Or because I was alone at an off hour at the post office? (got up late because I went to a horrible midnight movie showing of Cloverfield)

He said they would get in trouble if a mystery shopper reported to his boss they didn't get the full executive treatment with all the questions. I smiled and simply said I was not one of those and just said thanks for the excellent service.

It reminded me of another time a few years ago when I was dining at a very nice restaurant in Vegas. I happened to be alone that night and was dressed in a blazer because I was supposed to have gone to see Cirque du Soliel's show "O", but as luck would have it the performance was cancelled due to a technical issue in the pool. Severly bummed out I decided to splurge at one of the restaurants in the Bellagio. So there I was dining alone, dressed well, and was having an excellent meal. A couple of people sitting across from me invited me to their table after for a drink and dessert (nice and social). They asked if I was a restaurant critic because I was well dressed and alone. I just laughed.

Is there a pattern here? I guess if I am with Ty then I look just like a regular Dad. But alone I seem to come across as some authority person or VIP. We will see how that plays out in future postings.


kendalswife said...

Can't relate, never happened to me. People tell ME I looked pissed off all the time.

Kori said...

I look both pissed off AND tired all of the time. Mystery shopper? Not likely. :)