Saturday, February 16, 2008

Between Bars

Have we mentioned how much we enjoy living in Texas for the sole reason that while most of the country is bundled up shoveling snow, we get to play outside without jackets and sometimes even in shorts. If anyone wants to come down for a play date, let us know.


Laura said...

no shorts today here in sunny cali, but like you we enjoy the basking in the sun when everyone else is freezing their buns off.
thanks for stopping by my place and saying hello.

Maureen said...

Oh crap. You make me jealous.

From the land of ice and snow,

Blog Hoppin'

kendalswife said...

Sure, rub it in there Kevin. Geez!

Oh, I have fond memories of living in Texas. Husband and I lived in Austin for a year after he graduated college. (I even worked at the Payless in Round Rock...for a day.) I remember hanging out by the pool in February or March. Can't do that in good ol' Kansas. *Sigh*

Melinda Zook said...

You are so lucky. I hate the cold and even though we have been pretty lucky here, it seems to finally be setting in.

Mommy Bits said...

Boooooo. My brother lives in Texas too (Plano) and he will call to tell me he is wearing shorts. It's not right, not right I tell you.

Anastasia Beaverhousin
COLD, RAINY Cincinnati

Meg said...

Hey~fellow bloghopper and Texan! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is GREAT living in this part of the world, isn't it? The weather is nearly always awesome. I see you have a link to Friday Night Lights...that movie is near and dear to our heart, as we moved to the hill country from Odessa, and YES my husband and my daughter are Permian grads... we love the show, in spite of the fact that the P in it is not our good old Permian P, lol, but it's very close!

April said...

I know the feeling here in L.A. Nothing makes me happier than the knowledge that I'll never need to scrape my car again!

Balancing Hops - Blog Hoppin'

Amy said...

Can I just say AMEN!! God Bless Texas!
And I wanted to let you know that I am actually going to see Matchbox 20 next week, so excited!!