Thursday, February 07, 2008

Post #200 - The Magnificent Mile

Wow! I can't believe we hit another milestone tonight with post #200. Dad just returned from a minor blizzard in Chicago. Luckily my flight got out today, because yesterday O'Hare was just about shut down.

Before I left for the trip I told Ty that I might see some snow. Ummm, yeah that was a bold prediction. 4 inches only downtown and over a foot North of the city. Ty claims he doesn't remember ever seeing snow (he did in NYC, but he was too little to remember) so Dad said he would bring back a photo. So here are 3 souvenirs from the trip: A cute video of me standing on Michigan Avenue in the snow, the street sign at night, and a cute little sponge ball the hotel gave out because there was construction going on (which Ty loved).

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